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3D Space simulation and star gazing utility.

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Latest news 8th of November 2014:

Availability Android iOS Amazon OSX Windows Windows Phone
Native app 2.3+ - Google Play
Amazon Store
iOS 6+ - iTunes App Store Amazon - Amazon Store OSX -Mac App Store Windows 8.1-
Windows Store
Windows Phone 8.0
Windows Phone Store

SkyORB is more than a simple star map, it's a collection of 7 tools including a 3D star map, 3D planetarium, ephemeris, search engine, weather, sun clock and more.
SkyORB includes a comprehensive search function allowing you to view the night sky from any point on earth.

Mobile version
Featuring a search engine, a large catalog of stars, planets, current satellite (including current space shuttle missions) and let you choose see the actual sky from any point on Earth.

SkyORB allows you to fine tune your observation location (and orientation with digital compass if available) with automatic detection from GPS (or entering the longitude, latitude and altitude). Information like sunset and sunrise are computed as well as moonrise and moonset and full / new moon dates.

The sky map is drawn with realtime precession. You can rotate freely and in realtime in 360 degrees at 60 frames per second. Moon and other planets are rendered in real 3D objects with different level of details using state of the art 3D effects for the iPad and iPhone. Also feature point to sky to reveal the star in front of you.

SkyORB is free of charge and you can upgrade to the premium version directly from the application using the In App Purchase.

Staff picked in the 'Education' section at the iTunes App Store.
Upgrading to the Premium Version The Premium version allow us to improves the version. With iCloud enabled devices, you are able to transfer your license to all your devices without special interaction. If you are using SkyORB, you should upgrade to the premium version.
When upgrading to the iPhone Premium features (using the In App Purchase), you will access to :
  • No reminder popup windows.
  • Push notifications when an important phenomena is occuring
  • OSX 10.10 and iOS 8.0 optimized
  • Allow to zoom to up to 1 degree in local view.
  • Allow to zoom in space view.
  • Enable interface on/off button in local view and space view.
  • Enable 3rd space view mode : gallery mode.
  • Improved search results.
  • Full technical support.
  • Text facts on planets.
  • Atmospheric extinction can be turned off (no more 'stars not visible during day')
  • Fixes in Sidereal time display and RA. and Decl.

OSX Version
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