SKYORB: Discover the Infinite Cosmos

SkyORB ∞ presents a host of compelling features for users considering an upgrade.

Experience a completely redesigned interface, faster launch times, 3D orbits for satellites and comets, an enriched astronomer’s page, detailed planetary information, improved notifications, a new Apple Watch version, an extensive constellation list, the innovative “point and sky” feature with two gnomonic projections, updated altazimuth rendering, a schedule of rare planetary events, daily astronomy events, an expanded list of dwarf planets, and a revamped 3D rendering of planets.

The celestial journey continues with SkyORB, promising an unparalleled experience for astronomy enthusiasts.

Now available on iOS, macOS, tvOS and Apple Watch on 19th of January 2024.

App clip available

To continue, follow our dedicated website and discover the new upcoming SkyORB ∞