LaserLink is a puzzle game for Apple iPhone and iPod touch
published by realtech VR and Makani Studios

Become the Master of the lasers with LaserLink, and recover every diamonds in each level. Create junctions to allow generating a laser between two points of connection of color in order to recover the diamonds ones.

Your only means of action are to turn the flagstones while supporting above. But be careful, certain connections will not be able simply emit and not receive. So that connection is validated, it is necessary that is completely completed apart from the points of connection of color, which them must be with the number exact of 2. Certain flagstones cannot be rotated; they are represented with a lock. Other flagstones are explosive, and will destroy the flagstones around.

Full tactil control

You can buy the latest version of LaserLink on iTunes AppStore

This application requires a iPhone an iPod Touch with System Software version 2.0

Video (iPhone)

Screenshots (iPhone)