Iron Fist Boxing 2nd Round

Help and FAQ

0 - Introduction

Finally the 1st MMA arcade 3D realtime game for the iPhone and iPod touch.
Realtech VR Iron Fist Boxing offers an immersive gameplay and eye-popping graphics for the iPhone and iPod touch.
Each boxer comes to life with unique attributes and fighting styles (boxing, muay thai and kick boxing)
10 characters are available with two variations.
Are you ready to fight?

1 - Technical sheet

  • Full multi touch screen and accelerometer input.
  • 10 fighters with two variations.
  • 3 fighting styles
  • 3 camera views
  • Series of action events
  • High quality music by Karybe and Scylla and crowd sound effects
  • Picture gallery
  • Achievements
  • Fast 3D rendering display and highly detailed textures and 3D models.
  • Online scoreboard.
  • Training game mode added.
  • New 'minigames'.
  • Two characters added: Omar and Ulrik
  • Faster game re-loading.
  • Improved sparring mode with statistics.
  • Vibration support for the iPhone.
  • Ability to use the music from the iPod instead of built-in sounds.
  • Fixed and improved numerous bugs.

  • 2 - Menu and Options

    Iron Fist Boxing: 2nd Round
    Type : Sport
    Developer: Realtech VR
    Publisher : Realtech VR
    Distribution: iTunes App Store
    Platform : iPhone OS 2.2
    Multiplayer : Online stats only
    Availability : Worldwide
    Rating : 13+

    2 - Menu and Options

    The main menu is composed of two pages Page: 1, New Game, Continue Game (if you have started a Career Game), Options (for settings sound, music and crowd volume, accelerometer activation, and vibration (requires an iPhone 3G, not compatible with 2G iPod Touch).
    Page 2, Accessible by holding and sliding the screen, with Online scores game, achievements and artworks. Artworks are unlocked by advancing thru the career game mode.

    3 - Training Game Mode

    More details soon.

    4 - Sparring Game Mode

    More details soon.