Iron Fist Boxing 2.0 2nd Round


by Skateboard513
You can definitely see that this wasn't some rushed game!! Has great! Transitions between screens and matches..the graphics I was impressed with! Right down to the bruises that develop while playing! Gameplay is smooth (1st gen touch) and has excellent frame rate! No lag!! Sounds are on point Controls are responsive!

by Jhill...
Game has great graphics and is alot af fun definately worth the price

by Beyond the Tech
I was wondering if someone was ever going to make a game just like this for the iPhone. I stumbled upon this game in a search and I'm not disappointed one bit! Well-implementing all the features of the iPhone's hardware (swipes, multitouch and accelerometer) and the multiple views (I love the first-person perspective) really immerse you into the ring. Graphics are top-notch, and user interface (where some devs skimp on) is great. Good idea to lock features for increased desire to play. Looking forward to a multiplayer mode and online ranking.

great game
by mojoma
I just bought yhis and despite the negative reviews it was awesome!!!!
the fighting is very satisfying and I had a ton of fun playing

by AllahGod
This game is outstanding! Graphics are out if this world!! And ony $3!!! Steal! Should be $9.99... Can't wait for updates and keep up the great work!!

It's real
by HulkThung
I love it !!!

by puzzler007
I can't beleave this is running on my iPhone... Simply the best fighting game on the appstore...