OpenGL extensions
Rendering tests
Cross platform

In order to check your OpenGL 3D accelerator, a series of tests can be performed, testing functionalities from OpenGL 1.1 to OpenGL 3.0(*). Screen resolutions, multisampling, texture LOD bias, and effects like PBuffer or fog can be combined as well.
Very useful to check if your OpenGL 3D accelerator is actually working correctly. A performance test is also performed with frame per second shown after each end of test.

  • OpenGL 1.1 : use the standard OpenGL without extension usage.
  • OpenGL 1.2 : OpenGL test using GL_lock_array and glDrawElement.
  • OpenGL 1.3 : OpenGL using GL_lock_array and multitexturing.
  • OpenGL 1.4 : OpenGL test using GL_lock_array and multitexturing using a DOT3 shading and an ARB vertex program code.
  • OpenGL 1.5 : OpenGL test using Vertex Buffer Object.
  • OpenGL 2.0 : OpenGL test using a GLSL 1.0 program.
  • OpenGL 2.1 : OpenGL test using pixel buffer object.
  • OpenGL 3.0 : OpenGL test using OpenGL 3.0 Forward Context.

(*) OpenGL 3.0 is only available on Windows.