Here the list of changes

4.00 OSX: Now on Mac App Store. New user interface. 64bit. OpenGL 3.2 compatible with rendering tests. Windows: Updated user interface with Vista dialog boxes, added iOS and Android renderers, using Cloud storage for extensions submissions instead of email.
3.36 Beta MacOSX 10.7 support with OpenGL 3.2 detection. Updated database.
3.31 Added OpenGL 4.1 core feature set.
3.30 Added iPhone/iPad version (version 1.01) available on the iTunes App Store. Improved rendering test. New benchmark test.
3.22 Added uniforms blocks capabilities. Fixed automip generation in OpenGL 3.0 rendering contexts. New shader rendering test for OpenGL 3.0. Updated database.
3.20 Added OpenGL 3.3 and 4.0 core features Set. Fixed copy to clipboard in database page (Windows). Added DirectX February 2010 detection. Fixed XML error at startup in Latin language (French, Spanish, German). Fixed error with holed renderer (renderer that supports OpenGL 3.0 and OpenGL 3.2 but not OpenGL 3.1).
3.17 New renderers added. Updated MacOSX interface. Removed enumerations of fixed pipeline in OpenGL 3.0 forward contexts.
3.16 Added DirectX 11 detection. Updated database.
3.15 Fix for nVidia with OpenGL 3.2 forward context. Added warning message when running against OpenGL 3.0 forward contexts. Fix for clip plane option. Updated renderer database. Using higher resolution textures for rendering tests. Tested under MacOSX Snow Leopard.
3.14 OpenGL 3.1 and OpenGL 3.2 detections. OpenGL 3.0 rendering test (Forward Context). Updated database with fixes. Updated Core Features Set for version 3.1 to 3.2.
3.12 Added OpenGL 3.1 detection. Added OpenGL 3.0 renderer (windows only), Improved OpenGL 3.0 detection, added new renderers.
3.11 Update to GLEW 1.5.1. Added OpenGL 3.0 functions entry point. Fixed application issue with & characters in the monitor name (Windows version).
3.10 Added OpenGL 3.0 core features set.
3.04 Added some OpenGL ES renderers. Update renderer icons. Fixed problem with some system with nVidia Forceware.
3.03 Extensions database viewer with icons (MacOSX). Fix some problems with ATI Catalyst detection on some configurations. Minor UI fixes (Windows).
3.02 Added DirectX 10.1 detection, improved Vista version, Added March 2008 DirectX Detection, Added XML Load and Save function.
3.01 Improved pixel format listing. Installer with dutch and english language. Added transparency test. Some UI tweaks. Changed OpenGL 2.1 test using 8bit lumiance texture. ATI Catalyst version detection. Added display driver date detection. Fixed issues when OpenGL fails to initialize.
3.00 First version of OpenGL Extensions Viewer 3.0. See special page for details.
2.33 Final 2.x version, before the 3.x series (Windows only). Fixed a stability issue with database browser. Updated icons for nVidia and ATI. Fixed VRAM memory detection.
2.32 Added some MacOS 10.5 renderers information. Fixed some ARB shader (rendering test 1,4 and 1,5 (Alpha write). Improved errors messages in rendering tests. Fixed multisampling test (now displayed in rendering tests.
2.31 New installer for x64 version. Fixed some compatibilities with ATI video cards. New software update window. New error log window after rendering tests.
2.30 Added Geforce 8 Geometry Shader capabilities report. Updated database. Added progress bar at startup (Windows only).
2.29 Updated Replaced OpenGL 2.0+ test by an OpenGL 2.1 test. Added clip plane feature test in rendering test. Improve Vista UAC compatibility. Language auto-detection. Updated extensions database browser.
2.28 Bug fixes in the OpenGL rendering tests. Updating the database now requires the latest version of the program. Updated database (with Geforce 8 renderers). Detects Windows Vista and use full screen OpenGL initialization instead of windowed for Aero compatiblity.
2.27 Updated OpenGL core features with OpenGL 2.1. Updated renderers database and new GPU queries (MacOS X 10.4.8). Improved software update and get latest database mechanism (Windows). Added underlays and overlays bits (Windows). Added deferred shading rendering test.
2.24 Improved extensions database browser, with abilities to select multiples renderers or multiple extensions. When selecting a group of extensions, renderers that support them will be displayed. Added benchmark mode, displaying 100 cubes instead of 1. Bug fixes in rendering tests when creating very large PBuffers. New file format for localised strings (Windows).</</font>
2.23 Updated OpenGL report with OpenGL display drivers version checker. It shows extensions that are missing but available on a more recent version of graphics card drivers, helping to track down machines running outdated graphics card drivers or OS revisions. Bug fixes in the rendering tests on ATI and Intel boards. Shaders used during rendering tests can be edited externally (XML format) Added new MacOS 10.4.3 renderers and new Mac series (Geforce 6 / 7 based). Removed some redundants renderers.
2.22 Bug fixes rendering tests when running on nVidia and Intel based video cards, bug fixes in extensions query management, added MacOS 10.4.3 renderers, added version checking on MacOS X.
2.21 Updated MacOSX version. Fixed total video memory detection (Windows version). Fixed OpenGL 2.0 rendering tests when using Pixel Buffers. Added Linux OpenGL renderers. Newly detected extensions are displayed in the report.
2.20 Fixed UI for better Windows XP theme and Windows Vista Beta 1. Added EXT_framebuffer_object rendering test, added 'OpenGL Catalogue' site support, Improved database (up to 469 extensions).
2.19 Added shading language version detection, fixed PBuffer test on MacOSX 10.4, fixed slow startup on MacOSX and other UI bug fixes, added Intel/MacOS version. Fix in the Core Feature test (missing extensions in GL 2.0 core and changes in 1.2 and 1.4 core)
2.18 Updated database, updated support for MacOS 10.4 with updated renderers and new capabilities flags. Fixed rendering tests for GLSL on MacOS 10.4.
2.17 Fixed issues with 3DLabs during rendering tests (where GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array is not present). Smarter database, doing the distinction between two same renderers, but running on differents CPU (Like Geforce xxx/SSE/SSE2 and Geforce xxxx/3DNOW). Added OpenGL 2.0 non power of two feature rendering test when using PBuffer. Added MESA logo. Added GL_EXT_framebuffer_object extensions capabilities report.
2.16 Automated software update and database retrieval. Added missing extensions features (aliased line/point size, ARB imaging convolution). Revised Core revision checking. Now using the current GL_VERSION if an extension is not found.. First 'release' version for MacOS X.
2.15 Added texture formats enumerations. Added support of multiple ICD. Updated user interface (ability to select between Mac or PC only renderers). Bug fixes in rendering tests. Updated MacOS X version (with submission by email, rendering tests).
2.14 Updated user interface, OpenGL core features set tests and rendering tests. Added OpenGL core features set entry points check. New MacOS X version with Cocoa user interface (Thanks to Arekkusu).
2.13 Added Extension Verification Utility which allows you to verify the entry points for the extensions supported and reports problems like entry points missing but extension appeared to be supported, or functions found but extension string is missing. Updated database (up to 363 extensions).
2.12 Removed OpenGL Compliance Test, and changed to 'OpenGL Core Features Set' which are now based from the latest OpenGL Specification Document (2.0). This provides a more accurate analysis than the previous 'Compliance Test'. Updated database system and ability to view more information for each extensions in the extension brower (information which OpenGL core revision it belongs to, extensions affecting it, dependencies). Updated OpenGL 2.0 test.
2.11 Added OpenGL 2.0 compliance test(*) (based on the draft version). Added hardware registry database browser with ability to display extensions given a particular card/driver combo or view a list of all extensions in the database and see which card/driver combos support it. This database is based from information submitted by XML reports sent by users. Added japanese version. Updated AMD64/EM64T version.
2.10 Added GL_ARB_fragment_shader, GL_ARB_vertex_shader and GL_NV_fragment_program2 extensions specifics values (used in the latest Geforce 6800). Updated interface . Improved XML output data (now exports missing values like ARB_fragment_program and ARB_vertex_program.
2.09 Native 64-bit version (for Windows AMD64/EM64T) now available. Improved user interface (larger window, new ATI logo). Improved extension search function. Minor bug fixes.
2.08 Added an interface for some OpenGL features (like GLSL on nVidia cards ) by changing values in registry. Updated GLSL/OpenGL 2.0 rendering test. Improved operating system support (Windows AMD64/EM64T edition) and user interface experience.
2.07 Added OpenGL 2.0 rendering test. Improved operating system detection code. Added texture LOD bias control in rendering tests.
2.06 Added German localization. Added texture LOD bias values. Rendering test uses automatic mipmap generation if available. Fixed the 'context' indices starting from 1 rather than 0.
2.05 Added Dutch localization. New OpenGL 1.5 test, fixed the extensions list for OpenGL 1.5 compliance and added a Vertex Shader Language compliance test. Fixed resolution list. New OpenGL test with multisample option. New pixel format enumeration (using ARB_pixel_format).
2.04 Added Ukranian and French localization. Improved localization system. If you want to translate for your native language, download the latest Translation SDK.
2.03 More accurate OpenGL compliance, interface improvement, french localization (other will come), right mouse button functionnality, zoom resize, fixed lag in OpenGL Diagnostic test.
2.02 Added OpenGL Diagnostic Tool for OpenGL 1.3 Added OpenGL compliance test from for 1.2 to 1.5 standard. Fixed some bugs with system using a lot of contexts. MacOS X version (Classic not supported. Native Mach-O).
2.01 Added OpenGL Diagnostic Tool for testing OpenGL interfaces. Added Texture Env. and Texture Combine parameters list.
2.00 Beta release. Completely new interface and new features : OpenGL display modes, improved GL contexts report, added Google search function.