DirectX Port is a realtech VR Production.

Welcome to the realtech VR® DirectX Port ® Web site.

For an explanation of DirectX, please read About DirectX from Microsoft.

DirectX Port only support DirectX Graphics (release 8.1).
Actual implementation does not provide full support of DirectX 8 applications under Windows. This program only emulates DirectX 8.1 programs. This project is still in alpha stage.
Source code has been placed at repository.

For any questions, use the Public forum or at the forum.

What's New ?

» New DirectX Port forum (24.11.2002)
With live update, announcements of latest modification and information.

» DirectX OpenGL Wrapper updated (07.09.2002)
New installer. Fixed Control Panel issues.

» DirectX OpenGL Wrapper updated (04.04.2002)
Public release.

» DirectX OpenGL Wrapper is Open Sourced. (18.01.2002)
as MIT license.

Direct X is © 2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Terms of Use.
Direct X Port is based upon the DirectX 8 Specification from Microsoft and is not based upon a reverse engineering or disassembling of the Direct X code source.
Direct X Port is not developed / endorsed / supported by Microsoft.