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It’s up to you to protect the magical garden and save the daisy in distress. The never ending waves of naughty, carnivorous plants threaten the life of daisies everywhere in this mystical world! Take charge and be the hero!

Beware of the Bad Seed and whack those carnivores into oblivion.
You’ve been charged with a mission: protect the daisies and strawberries from those nasty, toothy carnivores.

You must hit them in the head and clear them out of the magical garden as fast and furiously as you can. Tapping the screen with your finger, you rid the world of four of those beasties right away but watch out; you don’t want to hurt one of those happy, dancing daisies! You’ll never have to worry about getting bored with Beware of the Bad Seed, there’s variety packed into every download. With three game modes, two display modes and three types of villainous daisy killers, you’ll never tire of saving those sweet little daisies. Oh yes, there’s a strawberry that needs saving, too. See, variety and surprise is waiting for you here.

You just never know what’s going to pop up where.

Features you get in Beware of the Bad Seed:

• User friendly, intuitive interface,
• Three game modes: time attack, arcade and Tic Tac Toe,
• Personal leader-board with on the cloud backup,
• Three types of naughty plant : carnivorous simplus, carnivorous toxicus, carnivorous rarus,
• One cute daisy and one tasty strawberry.
• Full realtime 3D rendering.