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realtech VR is a game development company with product solutions for the iOS devices since 2008. With rich industry experience in developing titles for PC, Mac, Android, Windows, Apple TV and Android TV devices and more, the company specializes in filling the needs of casual gamers on the go with easy to play and fun games for everyone and as well top-notch 3D games for hard core gamers.

realtech VR develops following apps and games : SkyORB - Astronomy for Everyone (in AR), OpenGL Extensions Viewer, No Gravity,  Kosmik Revenge, Quantum Revenge. We've also licensing our engine to partner like LAST BOSS 88


15 March 2022 - App Cleanup

After We are removing our old games and app from the App Store and Google Store: No Gravity, Quantum Revenge, Brotherhood of Violence, Iron Fist Boxing, AR Maneki Neko, Amazing Fortune Teller 3D will be unavailable after the 18th of March 2022.

01 January 2022 - Year recap

Our new partner Last Boss 88 is developing SHINORUBI, a PC shoot'em up Ultra HD with Vulkan and DX11, made with two members of realtech VR (Romuald and Vincent). Using our long term evoluted V3X.net engine (since 1995) and a new game engine named 'Lithium', the game will be out in January 2022 on Steam Early Access. Check the link! Congrats to them!

OpenGL Extensions View 6 has now Vulkan rendering tests, Vulkan reports on Android. SkyORB 2021 has made a lot of changes like satellites chart, new 3D star map, deep objects 3d map, and improved new engine for Metal and GLES 3.2. In 2022, SkyORB will celebrate its 20th anniversary. V3X.net is getting DX12 renderer, and fully featured Vulkan rendering for PC, and now licensed to Last Boss 88 for their game development! For the story, there were a time, in early 2000 were V3X.net was a commercial engine and we had a couple of clients, then came back closed, until 2022!

22 December 2020 - Year recap

OpenGL Extensions Viewer 6 updated this year with Apple M1 native, improved Vulkan support, still continued improvements. OpenGL Extension Viewer is now 20 years old !
SkyORB 2020 was actively updated this year as well, with AR Core compatible, AR Kit 3, Apple M1 support and tons of updates were delivered this year like the new comets database, the 3D Starmap,  improved Metal on iOS, improved AR mode, 2D mini skychart on iOS Widget for iOS 14 and Apple Watch. SkyORB is now 18 years! 
AR Maneki Neko was released for AR Core this year, and AR Kit 3 / iOS 13 features.
And finally, our new game shooter game, based on a new game engine, optimized for Vulkan, is taking shape, and a video should be available early 2021.

20 June 2020

AR Maneki Neko is now available on Android for AR Core Compatible Device

04 February 2020

SkyORB 2020 Astronomy App, Skychart updated for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS

06 October 2019:

New OpenGL Extensions Viewer 6.0 is now available on PC, with entirely new modern user interface in WPF, Vulkan extensions database and much more. Get it now!

28 February 2019:

We have several new projects in the works, focused for PC gaming. Details coming this Spring 2019 with video preview! Also recently updated a new improved version of SkyORB for macOS with Metal 3D API.

6 January 2019:

A new year begins and a new direction, we are currently phasing out our old games likes Iron Fist Boxing, Brotherhood of Violence, The Amazing Fortune Teller and others from mobile store like iTunes App Store and Google Play and we are now focusing our development on PC, AR and VR starting this year.

20 September 2018:

Presenting our new Augmented Reality App, AR Maneki Neko, an app featuring Virtual Japanese Fortune Telling cats. Release in September 2018, exclusive for iOS with AR Kit.
Preview available on our Instagram page and Facebook page. AR Maneki Neko is now available to download.


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