Quantum Revenge is a dual stick space shooter for mobile, designed for touch and game controllers, Android, iOS, Apple TV and Google TV


In the year 70 of the Galactic Calendar, humanity left Earth to colonize a new solar system, like the 14th solar system. Many years later, the troops of Rokuseya are invading our solar system, destroying every planet and life, but Tetsuji, Shin and Katashi are the elite pilots and the last line of defence to save Earth.
Fight epic battles in space Battle against large number of enemies and boss fights, in mesmerizing 3D, and animated 2D art and manga cartoon animation at full frame rate with AAA quality 3D effects and huge amounts of effects on screen. five missions, with two bosses each, and an epic finale.
Pilot and Customize your Mecha: 6 different robotic armours and players are available with different abilities and special attacks. Upgrade your armour with different modules like shields, drones and more. Show off skills around the globe: