Iron Fist Boxing


Step into the ring with Iron Fist Boxing, the pioneer of real-time 3D MMA fighting games on the App Store. This isn’t just a game—it’s a pulse-pounding, muscle-building journey toward becoming the ultimate champ.

Feel the intensity as you hone your skills, relentlessly training for the World circuit. With every punch on the bag, you’re sculpting not just muscle, but determination and technique. It’s you against yourself in this relentless pursuit of greatness.

Don’t fall for imitations; Iron Fist Boxing delivers authentic, heart-racing action and cutting-edge graphics for the ultimate gaming challenge. Experience the revamped version, now packed with a new input system, extended career mode, diverse game modes, and an array of characters you’ve only dreamed of.

Explore six thrilling game modes, including nearby multiplayer for sparring sessions that’ll push your limits. Immerse yourself in high-quality audio and unprecedented real-time 3D graphics, specially designed for retina displays across devices. Master the intuitive multitouch controls to gain an edge over your virtual opponents.

Prepare to face off against 32 unique characters, each wielding distinct MMA combat styles. From Boxing to Muay Thai, Savate to Kick Boxing—every fighter brings their A-game, making each bout a challenge that demands your best moves and dodges.

Victory brings global recognition! Your triumphs are showcased on the online leaderboards, solidifying your name among the elite. Challenge friends to spar and discover who truly reigns supreme in the ring.